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All customer supplied garments are printed AT THE CUSTOMER’S OWN RISK. Because we cannot control and/or may not be familiar with the garment material
supplied by the customer, we cannot offer any warranty or guarantee of print quality or durability on any work done with customer supplied garments. Each garment receives a $5.00 mark down when brought in.


Any cancellations placed after shirts have been ordered will not be
refunded. No cancellations after work has begun – you will not get a
refund once printing has started


Quotes are good for 30 days unless stated otherwise, but are subject to seeing final artwork to confirm an estimate. Prices subject to change based on material, shipping, artwork, and labor. Projects will be re evaluated after 6 months. Please contact Support@Mysexywaist.com for all quotes, and projects. Orders should also be made only through Support@Mysexywaist.com, we cannot guarantee on time delivery, or price accuracy of orders that are not made via the proper channels. All Pricing and Terms are Subject to change without notice.


Wholesale and retail pricing is based on exclusivity, frequency of order, and number of units. Wholesale customers must spend an average of $2,000 per year to receive wholesale pricing. A 50% deposit is required on all transactions prior to start, until credit has been established with us (Excluding custom cut and sewn uniforms and apparel, which always require a 50% deposit before placing an order). Once you have established credit with us, there can be a 30 day net set-up, excluding product development and custom design orders.

  • Design
        • If files are not print-ready for your product, there will be a charge to get them production ready with a one hour minimum if any changes need to be made billed at $25.00 per hour.
        • New concepts or brand development, graphic design fees start at $25.00 per hour.
  • Heat Press Vinyl
        • Vinyl Prints are charged depending on the dimensions of the art work.
        • Customers that bring in their own apparel must ensure that their apparel is clean prior to being heat pressed. Heat pulls stains, and dirt out of fabric, so even seemingly clean clothing can reveal dirt and stains after heat pressed. We recommend soaking them, and washing them out with OxyClean or some other similar cleaner. We will not be held responsible for any stains caused by the clothing being brought in unclean.
  • Sublimation Printing
        • Sublimation Printing is only available for light colored apparel, and pricing is dependent upon the artwork’s size. Polyester yields the most vivid sublimated colors, and not all materials are suitable for sublimation.
        • Sublimation Printing also uses the heat press, so if you intend to bring your own apparel, please see above “Heat Press Vinyl”, second bullet point.
  • Embroidery
        • Embroidery orders will incur a one time digitizing fee.
        • Prices depend on the stitch count, and quantity of items.
  • Rhinestone Embellishments
        • Rhinestone stone prices will depend on how many stones are used, or the surface area covered.
        • Stones are applied via heat press, so if you would like to provide your own apparel, please see the second bullet under “Heat Press Vinyl”
  • DTG Printing
        • DTG Printing prices are determined by dimensions of the print, and number of units.
        • DTG Printing is ideal for low quantity orders, as there are no screen set-up fees.
  • Payment Options
      • Cash or Credit is preferred for payment.
      • Debit/Credit cards are accepted through PayPal .
        • Payments through PayPal incur a 2.9% transaction fee.
        • Payments made in store incur 0% transaction fees

    Rush Fee

    When Available.Orders typically take 1,or2-3 Days or weeks to go through pre-production approvals, and final production.The rush order fee is a flat rate of $10.00 for orders requiring 5 business days or less. In addition, there is a $15.00 fee for any order requiring 2 business days or less, $25.00 for next day.  This excludes uniforms, which require a  3 to 6 week turn around and a $50 rush fee for a 2 week turn around.

    Under/Over Run/Damages

    Although we do not anticipate any mistakes with our printing services, with customer provided apparel, please allow up to 5-7% waste depending on the quantity of the order. Do note, that customer provided apparel will incur a handling fee, which varies depending on the number of colors per item. If we can replace the damaged apparel, we will replace and reprint at no additional cost.  However, if we do not have access to the customer provided apparel, there will be no charge for the printing services on the damaged apparel.  Customer can provide replacement apparel pieces and we will gladly process the order to completion.

    COLOR ACCURACY: We will match your print colors as close as
    possible to the final art on file. Because of slight variances among
    computer monitors and manufacturer ink batches, small variations may
    be present from screen to print, and from print run to print run. If you
    require very specific color values in your print, DO NOT PLACE AN

    PRINT QUALITY: Custom printed apparel may show slight
    imperfections(pin holes, minor misalignments, ,etc.) and quality loss due
    to the nature of the material itself. Industry standard for misprints is 3%
    -5%. You will not receive more than 5% misprints We strive to
    reproduce art at the highest quality possible, but because limitations
    exist in technology and materials available, prints on apparel do not
    maintain the same resolution as photo paper. MSW Custom Prints uses
    manual presses some processes are limited.

    Return/Refund Policy

    We will gladly replace merchandise or provide a refund if the order has shortages or damages.

    • Claims for damages or shortages must be made within 3 days of receiving the order.
    • Custom designed cut & sew products, including uniforms, may not be returned or exchanged. All sales are final.
    • Custom printed apparel can not be returned unless the product is damaged.
    • All returns require a Return Authorization. Email us atSupport@Mysexywaist.com
    • Items damaged, washed, or worn by customers are non refundable. This includes items improperly cared for. (See FAQs below for proper care instructions.)
    • If we make a mistake on your order, please contact us with your order number. Once your unused or unusable items are returned, we will re-print your order at no charge to you. If you make a mistake on your order (wrong quantities ordered, art proof approved with errors, etc.) we will gladly re-print your order at our standard pricing. Refunds are not issued.
    • RETURNS: You cannot return merchandise that has been printed on.
      You may return blank apparel that has not been used within 7 days of

    Send returns to:

    Mysexywaist LLC.

    Attn:  Custom Print Returns

    10103 Bristol Ave SW

    Suite D

    Lakewood, WA 98499


    Out of Stock Items

    Any items that are not stocked locally, or do not meet our minimum requirements could incur a shipping fee, which the client will be subject to pay. We will not be responsible for items which are out of stock. If items are out of stock, or if you are not willing to pay the shipping charges for the specific item, we will do our best to find a replacement and get it approved by you before using it.


    For screen printing services, there is a minimum of twelve units for work produced unless this is an ongoing order and client has made prior arrangements (i.e. paid to archive screen).  For smaller order quantities, we offer other printing options, please contact us for details.


    All embellishments are custom made/unique to the customer at the time of the project.  We cannot guarantee that each item will be exactly the same.

    Customer Provided Artwork

    If you are providing your own artwork, please make sure it is the correct size, and correct format. Different size prints for different size apparel will incur additional screen set up fees. Customer provided artwork should be submitted with the accurate sizing that you would like on your apparel, resizing may incur a design fee. Low resolution jpegs or gifs will normally not be accepted, but in some cases we may be able to create a useable image, this will incur a design fee. Customer provided artwork must be at least 300 dpi, and submitted in one of the following formats:

    • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
    • Adobe Reader (*.pdf)
    • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
    • EPS (*.eps)
    • Tiff (*.tiff)

    Giving Due Attention To The Proof Provided

    Once you receive the proof, review it in detail. Please give special attention to: the design, grammar, and colors. Only 2 modifications can be made to the proof.  If the client exceeds two modifications per design the client will be charged our design fee as stated above under Pricing.  Once you have made any necessary changes to your proof, return it to us via email with your approval. This is your approval to have us move forward.

    Review The Details Of Your Order Confirmation

    After your proof has been returned to us, you will receive an order confirmation. Again, please review the information carefully. If all the information is correct, return it to us and we will begin the production process so long as the 50% deposit has been made.

    NOTE:Once an order has been approved and confirmed it may not be canceled for any reason.

    Providing Correct Shipping Information

    Your order will be produced and shipped within 5 to 15 business days after final proof approval. We cannot be held responsible for lost merchandise or delays in shipping caused by inaccurate address information, U.S. Customs procedures, the misrouting of your package by FedEx, UPS, or undeliverable shipping addresses.  If you require shipping insurance this must be communicated with the parameters of your order.  We will provide an estimate for this service with your quote.

    Product/Brand Development

    We are pleased to offer apparel samples when available. These samples will be charged at full retail price, and need to be paid for when the sample order is placed. If the sample is approved and put into the order for production, the price will be adjusted and the additional credit will be applied to the project.

    Custom cut and sewn apparel samples will be discounted for your first sample request, subsequent orders under 20 units will be charged full retail price, along with any related shipping charges. Orders of larger quantities will reduce the cost per unit.

    Customers that would like customized apparel samples, including, but not limited to, samples that have vinyl customization, screen printed customization, or embroidered customization, will incur the set-up costs associated with the customization. Including, but not limited to, screen-set up fees, and embroidery digitizing fees. Once a digitizing fee is paid, it will not have to be paid again. Screen set-up will last 30 days after your first sample is made. If an order is not made within 30 days

    All samples are limited to one piece per style, color, and size.

    Customers will incur all apparel sample and shipping costs.

    Please email us at Support@Mysexywaist.com or call 253-240-0705. We are happy to help!

    Fabric Dyeing

    Because of the variability of the dyeing process, we cannot guarantee perfect continuity of shade across all styles, or from one order to the next.


    We can add, remove or change custom labels for you.  We offer a variety of labeling services including screen printed labels, heat pressed, and woven labels. Woven labels must be purchased and provided to us. Screen printed labels have a $5 per size set up fee, while heat pressed labels will vary on price depending on size.

    Research and Development

    We have access to both domestic and overseas manufacturers and can provide research and development services as needed.  This is service is billed hourly at a rate of $35.00 per hour.

    The Client’s Responsibility

    Legal ownership of any and all logos trademarks and copyrights.

    By submitting your design to MSW Custom Prints, you warrant that you have the legal right to reproduce (or have reproduced) any logos or other images associated with your order. You also certify that the production of any images you submit does not infringe on any other company's rights.



    Legal Information

    Limited Usage Rights

    Client has limited use of the designs for the term of the agreement for the scope of the project as both Company and the client intended when they first agreed to do the work.  If the client wishes to obtain exclusive rights of design images, the Company shall provide working files for an additional fee.  

    As per our Guarantees, Terms and Conditions, and the pages of our website, please know that there are no cancellations of orders once approved. Your product is custom made exclusively for you and cannot be sold to others. In the event that a legal dispute arises, it is agreed that the venue for such a dispute is Pierce County, Washington, USA. Should the dispute pertain to the illegal use of copyright or trademark infringements, you agree to defend the claim at your sole expense. You agree to pay any damage and costs assessed against MSW Custom Prints. as a result of such a lawsuit or proceeding. You also agree to hold MSW Custom Prints harmless in such a lawsuit or proceeding. All work displayed on this website containing corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the reproduction capabilities of MSW Custom Prints. Purchase of merchandise from Fitted Supply Inc. in no way, shape or form grants you permission to reproduce logos, nor does it transfer, grant or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to you.

    Custom Apparel

       What Type of Print is right for my project?

    Screen Printing is the most cost effective with higher quantities of shirts. It is also good for average size quantities 20+ with designs only requiring a few colors. Heat Press Vinyl is good for small orders where a simple design is needed, such as text or a basic logo. It is also used on locations that cannot be screen printed due to either material, or garment structure.  Sublimation printing is what we use for socks typically, and is good for low quantities of white polyester (or poly blend) apparel with a design featuring a full range of color. Embroidery is good for professional attire, and hats. It is recommended for small areas, such as left chest logos on polos, and is more cost effective with higher quantities. DTG Printing is best for small orders that will need a full range of colors.

       How should my apparel be washed?

    Please review the inside label of your apparel for proper care. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, and tumble dry on low heat to prevent fading. Do not iron printed areas, and do not dry clean. We also recommend washing items inside out to prevent further wear of printed designs.

       Will my apparel shrink?

    We only use high quality manufactured, name brand items to minimize shrinkage. However, as with all garments, you should plan on some shrinkage after the first few washes. On average, items  shrink between 5 and 7%.

       Will my design wash off?

    Screenprinted designs will last for the entire useful life of the shirt. The design will show wear and fading at around the same rate as the garment- which usually spans several years. Heat Press Vinyl designs can outlast the shirt if cared for properly, see “How should my apparel be washed” above. Rhinestone embellished apparel should also be washed inside out to keep the stone attached for the duration of the shirt’s wear.

       What is the difference between 50/50 and 100% Cotton fabrics?

    50/50 fabrics weigh less, tend to wrinkle less, and the polyester tends to be more durable. 100% cotton weigh more, and are softer. However, both materials will experience some shrinkage after being washed.

      What sizes do you offer?

    Many products come in a wide range of sizes, but the color options can become more limited in the specialty sizes. We are glad to special order certain products for you. Do note that with smaller sizes your art may need to be reduced to fit, and this may incur additional setup fees.